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2 VERY Different Days

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Sorry I was missing in action yesterday.  I spent the very little time I had posting Mommy and Me Omelets on GreenLiteBites. Maybe this 2 blog thing wasn’t such a good idea.  I love working on both of them equally and now I’m torn at night. Tonight was even worse because I HAD to write about my Fast Food Fiasco.

Anyway, I still journaled yesterday so I wanted to post both menus (with a little self-observation of course.)

Day 1

Yesterday was my typical 12 hour day at work (these are coming to an end soon, YAY). I packed a bunch of stuff, planned, came home and made a light snack.  I dipped into flex because I was hungry, and I don’t believe in going hungry.  

Day in Week: 4 Morning Scale Reading: 144
Target: 20
Food Points
Mommy and Me Omelet 3 17
apple 1 16
leftover Leftover Turkey and Couscous Stuffed Peppers 5 11
cookie from my office mate 1 10
Bowl of Turkey Soup (estimate) 3 7
Simple Beef-A-Roni with Peas (frozen leftover) 6 1
lite flavored yogurt 2 -1
Simple wrap on a 1 point tortilla with mustard a Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge, lean ham, baby spinach leaves and tomato 3 -4
soy crisps 2 -6
Total 26  
Water Consumption: Could have drank a bit more. Flex left: 17
Daily Activity Log

Day 2

The complete opposite of yesterday, I had a meeting off campus, didn’t pack a lunch and ate every meal on the run, except breakfast. I did find out the toddlers “fwavortie” cereal is strawberry frosted mini wheat’s.  I know this because he told me at breakfast.  I LOVE 2 year olds! ;~D

Day in Week: 5Morning Scale Reading: 143
Target: 20
Food Points
frosted mini wheats, 4 oz of milk, a banana split with the toddler 5 15
Subway Veggie wrap with with provolone cheese, lettuce tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, pickles and sweet onion sauce) 6 9
5 starburst (my office mate has a HUGE bag in out office and I finally caved after 3 months — hmmmm happened when I wasn’t prepared, coincident?, I think NOT!) 2 7
Fast Food Fiasco (estimate, I’m totally too lazy to look up the sandwich plus I only ate 1/2 of the bun and some fries) 12 -5
soy crisps 2 -7
Total 26  
Water Consumption: not enough, the scale will be up tomorrow, no DOUBT Flex left: 10
Daily Activity Log
climbed the wall before the cardio kick boxing class

So there you have it, the last two days. Even tough I ate the same number of points, I felt much better yesterday eating all of my own food. Plus I had more variety, ate more often and was overall more satisfied.

In other news, I will be working on the community this weekend and possibly a food journal generator tool.  I’m really excited about it! But for now it’s off to bed for me!

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    November 30, 2007

    Good for you on putting your foot down. What happened to you happens to many, and far too often and you’re right, why allow it? Why pay good money for bad food, bad service and bad customer service?