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pumpkinThis produce pick isn’t some exotic find I’ve never tried before. It’s about our good old friend, the pumpkin. If you are anything like me, you’ve been using pumpkin for sometime, in pies, breads, maybe even chili. I have been trying to use it more since reading SuperFoods Rx but it took me until pumpkin season to realize I’m not limited to the canned brown mushy stuff.

So yesterday, I cut into a fresh pumpkin and for the first time I didn’t end up with jack-o-lantern! I’m not going to lie it was tough! But tough in a good way. Plus I had this site to help me and the toddler to keep me company. ;~)ryan with pumpkin

Now you are suppose to ask, ‘Well, what did you do with this fresh pumpkin?’ That’s easy! Anything I wanted! First, I cut half of it into thick fry like chunks and baked them for my pumpkin fry test. Let me tell you they were good! Just as good as Delicata Steak Fries, just as good as Butternut Squash Fries, and just as good as Sweet Potato Fries. I think it goes without saying, if it’s a winter squash (or an orange potato) I will probably like it baked in long fry like pieces and dipped in ketchup. Hey, I may be weird but it’s better then the fries I used to eat all the time!

I also made my Turkey Pumpkin Skillet and have plans to trying a pumpkin apple soup recipe!

I can’t be the only one that’s tried fresh pumpkin. Have you? If so, how do you use it?

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  • michelle l

    I haven’t made anything with pumpkin ever but, I just wanted to say your son is very adorable!

  • Renee

    Ditto… never cooked with fresh pumpkin before, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you your son is a cutie-pie! :o) Another Thomas fan, I see. (My little guy lives and breathes Thomas).

  • Helen

    I’ve been visiting your site for several months (down 55 lbs on WW!), and I love when you post pics of “the toddler” with your culinary creations–it always makes me smile!

  • Athena

    When I lived in Haiti we had a great soup every sunday that was called Soup Joumou. Traditionally it’s made for New Years. Basically it’s chucks of pumpkin stewed with beef bones, fresh lime and veggies (potato, cabbage, onion, shallots, leek, turnip, carrot, celery, and green pepper). Of course it includes spices as well: a couple cloves of smashed garlic, some vinegar, a scotch bonnet pepper, a little thyme, pepper, salt, cloves… It cooks all afternoon, smells great and tastes fabulous.


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