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Kashi Cookies

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Kashi CookiesHave you seen these yet? If not, count yourself lucky! They are too good! I mean it, TOO GOOD! I’ve only had the Oatmeal Dark Chocolate, but they also come in Happy Trail Mix, Oatmeal Raisin Flax.

One whole grain cookie has 130 calories, 5 g of fat and 3 g of fiber. They are a good size but it’s hard to eat just one.

The toddler LOVES them and I like that fact I can feel good about letting him have a cookie after dinner that has at least some nutritional value. The only problem, I also have one, two, or four!

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    October 2, 2007

    I have actually tried all three varieties. They are ALL good, but my favorite is the trailmix.


    October 2, 2007

    I love the oatmeal. I get them at Cosco really cheap. They only carry the oatmeal.


    October 3, 2007

    It’s funny that I should come home from grocery shopping to read this, because I just saw those for the first time, picked them up, read the nutritional information, NEARLY put them in my cart and then put them back on the shelf because I figured I’d have too hard a time just eating one! LOL

    Good to know I probably did the right thing for me. :-)

    Kelli @ Gohn Crazy

    October 3, 2007

    Mmmm those look good. I think I need to pick up a box of those next time I’m at the store….although eating just ONE cookie is definitely not a strength of mine.


    October 3, 2007

    Hell yes, these are fricken EVIL! I bought them last week and gave the rest to my kids and the day care kids, I could not handle knowing they were in the cabinet.


    October 4, 2007

    We love the trail mix ones in our home!


    October 5, 2007


    Having to be aware of cholesterol and overall heath of ingredients, I had to chuck the Fiber One bars but I love the Kashi brand treats! I have found another really good snack too…..Kellogg’s Smart Start Healthy Heart Bars (Strawberry Vanilla)….very yummy…thought I’d share my discovery!


    October 10, 2007

    Where would I be without Kashi??? Roni, if you haven’t tried their Blueberry Waffles, you must! 2 waffles with 1/4 cup sugar-free Mrs. Buttersworth syrup…4 points and very yummy and very filling!


    March 5, 2008

    I do love the taste of these cookies, as well as knowing how healthy the ingredients are. But I have one BIG problem: GAS!! I’m not one to get gas from much anything but a platefull of beans, but after having just two cookies one afternoon, the gas pains were so bad that evening that I couldn’t stand up straight. Not being sure the gas was related to the cookies (and far too weak to resist having them again), I ate two cookies one afternoon a few weeks later, and bingo – same thing. As I was doubled over in pain, my kids asked if they should call 911. Anyone else?


    March 5, 2008

    Consumers beware: regarding gas pains, I just read on Wikipedia that chicory root extract contains inulin–> “…in the colon, bacteria metabolise inulin, with the release of significant quantities of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and/or methane. Inulin-containing foods can be rather gassy, particularly for those unaccustomed to inulin, and these foods should be consumed in moderation at first.”