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Just a Menu…

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…not in the mood to ‘talk’, if you belive it! ;~)

Morning Scale Reading: 142
Food Points
Awesome omelet made with 1 egg, 1 egg white, peppers, onion, zucchini, 1/2 slice lean ham, and a sprinkle of bacon bits. 3
Whole Wheat Banana Nut Muffin 2
Qdoba Trio – Tortilla Soup with Chicken, Veggie Taco with Beans, Tomato Salsa, Corn Salsa, light on the Shredded Cheese, Romaine Lettuce and a water (my absolute favorite ‘fast food’ lunch!) 9
carrots 1
Crab Cakes with Garlic Honey Asparagus and a side of butternut squash fries 7
more butternut 2
homemade roasted pumpkin seeds (about 1/2 cup) we made a jack-o-lantern today! 3
Total 27
Daily Activity Log
25 minutes on treadmill, upper body circuit and some ab moves

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    She Likes Purple

    October 30, 2007

    All these links to recipes and such are going to save my life (and my waist!), I swear it. Thank you!


    October 31, 2007

    Roni-I love you site and your recipes. Thanks so much for posting them. I’ve made two this week so far! The chicken brocolli bowl and the butternut, carrot, chicken soup. I never had butternut before and really liked the soup. Plus I’m not really a good cook and your recipes are easy for me and you alway use things on hand…plus the servings are just right. I don’t need to make recipes with 6 servings! That’s how I over eat. Anyway, I have a hard time figuring out points for my own recipe and I’m not a member of e-tools. I’ve noticed you asking sometimes for people to run it through recipe builder. I found a website that has a spreadsheet that is formulated like the recipe builder and you can download it. It’s called and her name is Anna. Hopes this helps and again thanks so much and keep the recipes coming!


    October 31, 2007

    So many of your recipes are absolutely delicious and healthy. My husband and I have never eaten or tried so many different vegetables. We are really trying to be healthy. Every night we cook from our WW cookbook or from a notebook where I have three hole punched and put your recipes. We have been doing this for 6-8 weeks now, and are feeling good about what we are eating. We ate out last week, and our stomachs felt so heavy when we were done UGH!!! I have lost 9 pounds and my husband 18. Don’t you just hate how men give up pop and a snack and they drop weight like it’s nothing? Again thanks, we love your recipes.


    October 31, 2007

    Hi Roni,
    Reading your blog has inspired me to write my own. I am sure you hear that all the time. If you want to check it out I put your site as a link because I find it so helpful and inspiring. Thanks!