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Another Sensational Sunday

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Sensational SundayThis sensational Sunday started a bit groggy.  Last night I went to a haunted farm with a friend and her daughter.  We didn’t get back until well after 1AM and, of course, the toddler was up bright eyed and busy tailed at 7AM. I made him breakfast and snapped out of it but it took every ounce of energy to get my butt out of bed!

I decided early to make a crock-pot meal for this beautiful October Sunday. So after breakfast I prepared everything for my Beef Stew with Orange Fall Veggies and Orzo. Honestly, it’s what I had so I went with it. It made the house smell delicious ALL day!

Then the toddler and I jammed out while folding the laundry.  It’s amazing how much the little guys want to help so I put him to work organizing the socks! It’s too darn cute!

After laundry and a bit of clean up I was off to the gym. To my surprise, the toddler wanted to come so we decided to go as a family.  The husband played Basketball, the toddler made some new friends and I hit the bike.  Afterwards, the wall was open so I gave it a shot.  The medium incline still kicks my butt but I nailed the easy.  I will make it up that medium wall. I will! I’m making a date with that wall every Sunday until I do it!

After the gym, we decided to go to lunch and hit a local pizza place.  I splurged a bit on pizza and mozzarella sticks.  To be honest, my eating has been a bit out of hand all weekend.  Not a total catastrophe but I’ve been treating myself to food more then I should.  You know, the “ohhh I’ve been so good that extra slice of pizza won’t kill me” or the “It’s just a bag of chips, I’ve worked out today” type of treats.  Now I’m not saying they are bad every once it awhile but 3 days in a row and I can feel it becoming a pattern.  So tomorrow, I’ll be back to counting and tracking.

After lunch it wasn’t only the toddler napping.  ;~) We spent the rest of Sunday pretty lazy, watching Nemo, eating stew and hanging out.  MAN I don’t want to go to work tomorrow!!

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    October 21, 2007

    I am a school teacher and I just had my baby girl four months ago. I am struggling to keep up with everything and be healthy. How do you manage it? Like getting to the gym. I joined the Abingdon YMCA with the intention of stopping after I pick her up from daycare, but I feel guilty for not going home and spend time with her after she was in daycare all day. How do you get over the “Mommy Guilt”?

    Diet Coke and Zingers

    October 22, 2007

    Sounds like a WONDERFUL day to me!!!


    October 22, 2007

    Sounds like a perfect day to me. I wish every Sunday could be like that, don’t you?


    October 22, 2007

    I just wanted to pop in and say that you are very inspiring for me! Thanks for posting your journey.


    October 23, 2007

    This weekend had too many indulgences for me as well. I made your chocolate cupcakes with pumpkin puree, big mistake! They were just too delicious. I blame the cold weather, I think I’m in hibernation mode.