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It seems I have taken another small detour on my journey. I traveled “home” this weekend for my sister-in-laws bridal shower. Isn’t it funny how home will always be where your parents house is, even if you’ve relocated a state or two away? Anyway, I digress not really wanting to face my weekend overindulgences.

Observation 1

Traveling is tough. I feel the need to munch in long car rides, especially when I’m driving alone with the toddler. I’m bored, I’m tired and I’m stressed, so I eat. What a surprise. On my way up I bought a large bag of popcorn for the 3-hour ride. I figured it was better then chips, pretzels or even worse, fast food French fries! The bag was gone by the time I got there, most of it eaten during an hour-long traffic jam.

Observation 2

I always go home with good intentions to stay on plan. I don’t know what is it about being there that makes me go bonkers. Really, bonkers is the only way to describe it. This time I think my downfall was letting myself get too hungry before the shower. I new there would be a ton of JUNK there and I was right. So instead of having a sensible meal before hand I starved myself. BAD DESCISON. I ended up being around bad food with the “bottomless pit” feeling. I don’t think I need to say more but I will end with two words… cheesecake and truffles!

Observation 3

After the shower fiasco, I threw the weekend away. I just decided, I already messed up so I might as well splurge while I’m there. Why oh why does this mindset still take us over? At least I have it contained to weekends. I’m already ready to get back to “normal”.

Ahhh back to normal. Whatever that means!? My week is going to be challenging. I’m not prepared. I didn’t have time to grocery shop so I’m surviving off pantry items this week. To make it worse I’m out of all but one of my frozen leftovers for lunch. So to help prepare for the week I defrosted some “They don’t know what’s in there” Pizza Sauce, used the last of my whole wheat pasta, a can of peas, some beans and leftover ground turkey to make some kind of chili-ish healthy filling lunches for the week. If you haven’t noticed I’m not the biggest fan of traditional cold sandwich style lunches, especially for 12 hour work days.

I hope you all had better on plan weekends then I. The weekend was a blast! I just wish I ate a little better.

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  • Arlene

    I know just how you feel. The weekend wasn’t the most stellar for me, either, food-wise. I tend to do the same thing, too — say “what the hell” once I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t. I don’t think I did that this weekend, but I’m still not looking forward to Monday’s weigh-in.

  • Kathy

    But isn’t it nice that eating well is now “normal” and overindulgence is the “aberration”?

  • Anonymous

    I had a not so good weekend either. Saturday we had our block party adn they had pizza, altho I limited myself to 3 small squares, the chips, salsa, guac and blt appetizer killed me…I felt like a fat pig the whole evening and sunday. I am NOT looking forward to Tues. weigh in. Pushing more water today than the 80 plus ounces I already drink and avoiding sodium. I just want to be thin..and I don’t mean a size 2, just a 10, a 10 all the time, not sometimes a 12.

  • Anonymous

    My good plans go out the window when I’m tired … and travelling, visiting, playing hard can really leave me beat. Then, I end up eating and drinking too much … especially of stuff I don’t generally have … and it does really make me go bonkers to use your word. A real key for me with losing weight is staying rested.

  • Amanda

    When I go “home”, I ALWAYS have a problem. NO ONE at home eats right or exercises so it’s super hard for me and DH. I don’t know why I can’t just stop eating, but I can’t. It’s the worst feeling in the world, I know. And no one understands why you can’t just leave your diet at home or “one meal won’t hurt you”. They don’t understand that yes it will–it will hurt me and it will take me all week to recover!

  • Sarah

    I had the same kind of weekend!!! Here’s to a great OP week!!

  • Sarah

    I had the same kind of weekend!!! Here’s to a great OP week!!

  • Lisa

    I’m the same way. It’s as if the food around my parents tastes better so I want to have some of all…that usually ends up in eating alot of all.

  • Emily

    boy o boy- I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who “slipped” this weekend (actually it started Thursday) and then decided to just keep on going. My daily weigh in today was my reminder to get back on track or else…

  • Mel

    You went, you saw, you ate…now it is just time to move on and it sounds like you are doing just fine. My weekend wasn’t too bad although my daughter decided she wanted candy corn and well let’s just say she has had some help eating them. Other than that things are flowing. I bought some new running shoes yesterday and tried them out tonight on the treadmill in hopes of earning some AP’s. Here’s to a great week!!

  • Roni

    Thanks guys! I’m feeling much better. :~)


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