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The Volumetrics Eating Plan

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I have wanted to post this for weeks but life been getting in the way.  

The Volumetrics Eating Plan: Techniques and Recipes for Feeling Full on Fewer CaloriesThis book may be the epitome of my food philosophy.  I never hid the fact that I like to eat. I mean I enjoy the process of eating, whether I’m hungry or not.  It’s probably the main reason I carried extra weight for a majority of my life. 

My last attempt (and consequently the most successful one) to lose that extra weight (and believe me there were many) I tried Weight Watchers.  Their flex plan taught me how to balance my meals. I consider the Weight Watchers Flex concept much like a money system for your food.  I get, say, 24 points a day.  I can spend those 24 points anyway I like as long as I don’t go over (there is more to flex plan – this is just my overview).  Think of it like teaching money management.  Some of us need our hands held when it comes to eating, some need guidance when learning how to balance their checkbook. image from The Volumetrics Eating Plan

Anyway, I learned very fast how to get more bang for my buck on the eating front.  After a few weeks on the Flex plan, I started to notice I could eat more “good food” then “bad,” much like the image to the right from the Volumetrics Eating Plan book.  To capitalize on this fact I started to do things like bulking up my chili with zucchini, adding fresh fruit to my cereal and my burgers looked more like a salad then anything else. 

Why am I telling you all this? Well for people who like to eat (as I do) The Volumetrics Eating Plan: Techniques and Recipes for Feeling Full on Fewer Calories is a must read.  It will change the way you approach food options all together whether you are following another weight loss plan or not.

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    September 2, 2007

    Thanks for posting this!


    September 2, 2007

    I am definitely into adding volume to my food with vegetables and high fiber elements like Fiber One cereal. Volumetrics is a great way to make the WW Flex plan even better.


    September 2, 2007

    I have this book with the recipe book. I love ww the best. I kinda do volumetrics before I got the book.

    alok c

    September 4, 2007

    This is an interesting post! Would you be able to provide me with the name of the publisher of this book?

    I would love to review this for our website – if it’s ok with you.




    September 4, 2007

    alok c – Click on the link all info is at Amazon.


    September 5, 2007

    I have also read this book after being on the flex plan and having that ah ha moment as well. It really just explained why I eat the way I do. I don’t like to be hungry. I feel more full and satisfied from an apple than a granola bar(go figure) once I figured out what gives me satisfaction the rest was down hill.