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I F-e-e-l Good, nana nana nana na

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That’s the song that went through my head when trying to figure out what I would post about.  You know it, right? James Brown.  I believe the next line is “and I knew that I would”.  See, I just needed to return to normalcy after my weird illness and the three day weekend.  

I also feel good because I totally ate on plan, went to the gym and my meals are already planned for my 12 hour day tomorrow.  I love un-procrastinated (is that a word?) days.  You know, days where you just do the things you are suppose to do without even thinking twice.  That’s the kind of day I had.  I just eased right through it and now I’m totally prepared for tomorrow ready to hit the hay.  I think I’ll do that.

Morning Scale Reading:totally forgot to hop on (I’m kind of glad I did)
Food Points
100% Whole Wheat Banana Nut Muffin 2
Kashi TLC® Chewy Granola Bar 2
leftover Lemon Cilantro Chicken and Rice Topped with Warm Veggies 6
Tons of fresh strawberries and Blueberries with 8 oz nonfat flavored yogurt 3
Balsamic Dijon Chicken with a baked sweet pototo, grilled zucchini and an ear of corn 8
strawberries 1
watermelon 1
94% ff popcorn 4
Totals 27
Daily Activity Log
Gym trip! –
12 minutes on the treadmil –
lower body circuit –
Climbed the wall!

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    September 5, 2007

    So glad you’re enjoying that wall. It sounds like fun.


    September 5, 2007

    Good to see you are feeling better and back on track. Love the new meal ideas, it’s so great to have new and simple ideas!

    Lily T

    September 5, 2007

    I also love those “un-procrastinated” days!

    Great work!


    September 5, 2007

    Still wondering if you could post the recipe for the pumpkin loaf…still under photos as to not updated.


    September 6, 2007

    I just had a quick question about your daily points…why do you count your popcorn as 4 points? I always thought it was 1.5 for the bag.


    September 6, 2007

    Anonymous – Check out my popcorn posts…