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Busy Day…

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Even a busier weekend planned. I didn’t make it to the gym tonight and I’m disappointed. I’m going out of town for a shower so I won’t be able to go until Sunday, if I make it home in time. Man that sucks and Oh-my-word, I AM now a gym rat. When did that Happen?!?

So just a menu again tonight. I have a backlog of post ideas and no time to write them! The worst thing, my schedule won’t be loosening up until after next weekend!

Morning Scale Reading: forgot to hop on
Food Points
1 egg and 1 egg white omelet with bacon bits 3
pear 1
slice of pizza (JUST ONE! ;~) 5
light yogurt 1
2 servings of Veggie Topped Crescent "Pizza" 11
Butternut Squash Fries 1
mango 1
pretzels 4
Totals 27
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    September 13, 2007

    I was just checking out your butternut squash fries recipe. Have you ever tried dipping them (or sweet potato fries) in egg white before baking? It adds a step but also adds crunch. And the calories added are all protein, no fat, so they are a nice complement to the carb of sweet potato or butternut squash.


    September 13, 2007

    What an awesome idea! I’ll try that!


    September 14, 2007

    Have fun at the shower, hopefully you can relax a little in your busy schedule!
    I LOVE your cresent pizza idea, I WILL be making this soon!!


    September 14, 2007

    I recently heard about this website:

    Low fat donuts!

    They aren’t cheap and I’m not sure how good low fat donuts will taste, but I’m certainly curious enough to give them a try! Have you heard of or tried them before?


    September 14, 2007

    Have fun this weekend and I hope that your schedule will allow you a little down time soon – geez, don’t know how you do it all! BTW – just wanted to say thanks for helping to inspire me to be a gym rat – NEVER NEVER NEVER thought that would happen and now I can’t get enough – well okay maybe I can get enough but I am loving the benefits too much to stop now!


    September 14, 2007

    HELLO!! I have tried your butternut squash and sweet potato fries in the past. I thought I would share that I wanted a sweeter snack last week and so I added a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon toward the end (like the last 5-10 min) of baking and WOW!!!! A wonderful sweet snack that all three of my little boys LOVED!! It just added like a point or two of sugar, but it was spread over the entire batch. PERFECT FALL FOOD!


    September 14, 2007

    Have fun. Thanks for all your advice on the surgery I am 3 weeks PO and it looks great. I am excited to be all better, and feel normal