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Writers Block?

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Hmpf, this is the 3rd night in a row I have writers block. I have a ton of stuff I want to share with you guys but when I actually sit down to type it up my brain goes blank. Yesterday I didn’t even post, well except for the food ideas. I totally slacked on my journal and I think, subconsciously, I didn’t want to face the day. I literally ate constantly. It was a good stuff but I still overindulged and felt like a slug by the end of the day. Which was somewhat funny because the day started off fabulously with my first circuit. That’s right, circuit! I set up my FitLinxx account and did my first weight training routine. I feel great and a little sore, which is good. It feels like I awoke some sleeping muscles. If you haven’t noticed, I am really liking this working out thing. I’ve gone every day this week!

Since I have a million things to tell you and no energy and brain power to actually type it out you are only getting the food journal today. Overall, it was a great day with a “happy ending’. . ;~) You’ll see, check out the last thing on the journal


Morning Scale Reading:144
Food Points
Kashi TLC® Chewy Granola Bars 2
Dannon Light & Fit 1
watermelon 1
McDonalds Southwest grilled salad (seriously, is this thing only 6 points? It’s just too darn good!) 6
fruit salad 1
slice of homemade bread (from experiments) 2
grilled veggies using the grill trick(red pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, vidalia onion) baked sweet potato, and a bit of BBQ chicken and watermelon for dessert (this was SOOOOOOOOO filling) 6
Roni’s ‘Who Needs Ice Cream’ Banana Split! 4
Totals 23
Daily Activity Log
Y workout – 40 minutes on the bike

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    August 9, 2007

    Roni are you getting enough sleep? Especially with the new work out routine you will even need an extra half hour or hour of sleep so your body can heal. If you are sleeping less than 6hrs per night definitely reconsider…reseach even shows that too little sleep will have bad effect on weightloss.



    August 9, 2007


    I’m fairly new to your site (MSN brought me over), but I LOVE all of your cooking ideas. You’ve inspired me to be creative in the kitchen as I pursue my weightloss goals! I looked at your food journal and noticed your question about the southwest chicken salad…the salad (with grilled chicken and dressing) is actually 9 points. But if you don’t eat the dressing than you are right, it is only 6 points.


    August 9, 2007

    I had a little laugh when I pulled up your page and the ad on the left side said “WHY Weight Watchers doesn’t work” and then next to it is the proof that it DOES work: your progress photos. They probably did it wrong, if it didn’t work for them. It’s science and calories. Anyway, thought that was funny :)


    August 9, 2007

    Do you ever feel like you lose weight more slowly when you’re exercising (or exercising more)? Just wondering.


    August 9, 2007

    Anar – I NEVER get enough sleep!
    Kelly – I saw that ad too. It cracked me up!
    Marie – I never really workouted this intense before so I can’t really answer that. Sorry.