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I’m home from my last summer weekend outing. THANK GOD! Ugh! My friends know I love to keep busy and I love being “out and about” but seriously, this summer was ridiculous! Looking back, I don’t think I was home for more then a week in a row before I was packing for the next trip. You know how you can be doing real well on plan during the week and BLAM the weekend smacks you across the face because you are out of your element? That’s how the whole summer felt for me. It’s the only way I can describe it. My weight shows it too. Not that I gained all 70lbs back but I was little less in control then I normally am and it is starting to catch up with me now, including my small splurge this weekend at the weeding.

Ahhh the wedding. I love weddings. There is just something about seeing two people so happy together. This one was great and more like a small dinner party with old friends. It was nice and laid back. The food was AWESOME, the company great and just a soft piano playing in the background. It was a nice gateway for the husband and I. They didn’t have a traditional wedding cake but desserts were, of course, served. We weren’t too impressed but I still splurged. Why? I don’t know! I hate it when I waste perfectly good calories on just ok, or even bad, food. I try to save the splurge for “splurge worthy” food, not just any old thing. Anyway, I had fun and that’s what counts, because points certainly weren’t. ;~)

As for the workout, after coming home today I got to the gym. That’s right, I did it! I can’t believe I had the motivation! I didn’t go nuts but it’s a start. I got my butt through the door and did a course on one of the stationary bikes. It was 3.33 miles with inclines. I made myself finish the whole thing although the last mile was hell-ish. Now at least I feel like I accomplished something even though it took me just about 20 minutes. Is that good? Bad? Pitiful? I have no idea BUT I finished the course and I’m proud! I plan to go again tomorrow. Tuesday I have an appointment with a trainer to set up a weight training routine and get set up on that FitLinxx system. I still can’t believe I’m doing it!

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    August 6, 2007

    You are so inspiring! Thank you.


    August 6, 2007

    Congrats on making yourself finish the course. Now when you go to do it again you will finish it againg, because you will say to yourself…I did it before so I can do it again. At least that is how I am! LOL I seem to compete against myself more often then not!
    It is good that you had fun this summer. You deserved it and don’t think you didn’t!!!! :)

    – Loving Each Day!


    August 6, 2007

    I think that exercise is really important. Congrats on getting started. I also think that it is important to start at a reasonable level so that you continue to keep going and feel sooo tired/sore that you can’t go. YEAH!


    August 8, 2007