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Midday update

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I don’t normally do a mid day but I’m home for a minute so I figured why not!

I just got back from my Weigh In at Weight Watchers and I’m ONLY up officially 3 pounds. You saying to yourself, so, what’s the big deal? You knew this already? Right?

Well I’m just excited. When I saw the number, I guess for some reason I thought I was really off track, but in actuality, I’m ON TRACK. Yes, yes, I’m 1.6 lbs above my comfort zone but a few weeks tracking is “loss mode” and I’ll be back, I know I will.

So Just a Midday pick me up for me! I just updated my weight progress page with the new numbers. I have a ton more errands to run today and I’m going to the gym tonight! YAY!!

Oh! if you are visiting from the Vita muffin newsletter thanks for stopping by. Vitalicious sends me some of their products to come up with recipe ideas for them. Something you all know I LOVE to do. If you are interested in some of my others…

Until tonight! Have a great day!

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    August 2, 2007

    Roni – i just came to your site today via the vitamuffin newsletter and think it’s great. it’s definitely getting added to my favorites.

    I started Weight Watchers the beginning of March and have so far lost 34 lbs. Next week I will become a lifetime member, my last week of maintenance.

    I commend you for taking photos to document your progress, i wish I would have now.

    maintenance has been easy, its going to be much more scarier when i don’t have to go and get weighed in every week. i just don’t i don’t ever want to go back.

    Thank you for the inspiration!


    August 2, 2007


    Why not still go every week? I was until my crazy summer will. Remember you own the show, go every week for a few months then every other week, then once a month. It’s your right as a lifetimer!


    August 2, 2007

    Ok so I have to ask What Vita mixes are you using. I went to the website and was overwhlemed with the array of choices. My local store doesn’t stock them so I need to purchase on line and would love to duplicate some of your recipes.


    August 5, 2007

    Each recipes list the mix used but to be honest I only had one of each in the sample pack. So if you want to just try them I’d go with that.