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There are 2 possible eating scenarios for me when I’m home alone with kids all day.

  1. I’m stressed, overwhelmed and a little bored (in an adult sort of way) so I turn to food for comfort and familiarity.
  2. I keep the kids and myself busy with shopping, walking, cooking etc. We have a great day and I turn to food when I’m hungry not when I’m bored.

Today I flirted with both. In the morning, I got the kids up and dressed. We hit BJ’s, come home had lunch and got a ton accomplished. Then after nap I got super tired (probably because I was working while they were napping), and I started to pick a little here a little there. So I snapped my self out of it, made the AWESOME “They don’t know what’s in there” Pizza Sauce-which was a hit- and got the kids out for a walk.

Tomorrow I will probably flirting with both again. I had better get to bed. As usual, I’m staying up too late even though I know I will pay for it tomorrow.

Real fast… If you didn’t notice I made some big additions to the site like the top nav bar and the google search. I also edited the calculators. A few people brought it to my attention that the calories, fat and fiber where out of order.

Ok, it’s bed time. ‘night!

Morning Weigh In: 142.5
Food Points
Fruit Salad leftover 1
Quick Tortilla Pizza (with fresh tomato from the garden and peppers) 3
5 whole grain Ritz Crackers 2
Kashi TLC® Chewy Granola Bar 2
ear of corn 1
8 oz light yogurt 2
A few picking (blue berries, a bite of the toddlers granola and veggies while I cooked, etc) 2
3 slices of my toddler veggie pizza (total estimate) 13
2 ears of corn (one of my favorite summer time snacks) 2
Totals 28
Daily Activity Log

Nice walk with the toddlers

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  • Diet Coke and Zingers

    Neither of these possibilities included pigging out, so I’d say you’re doing pretty well!


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