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No time to wallow in self-pity about my vacation gain and, OH, what a gain it WAS! The scale is up 10lbs!!

Notice I said the scale is up not me. I know there is no way I have gained 10 pound of fat in 7 days. I know this. It’s still shocking to see but the one thing I have learned in the past 2 years is to approach the scale level headed. I can’t take back the vacation eating. All I can do is take it choice by choice now and get motivated.

The one thing that always gets me motivated and back on track is being creative in the kitchen. Being creative without grocery shopping is even more fun! That’s right, I have not hit the store since returning. Besides a small trip to a farm stand on Saturday (which is almost all gone) I’m running on pantry reserves and leftovers from beach snacks. Not a bad day considering.

I plan to shop tomorrow which will give me the whole “I just went grocery shopping motivation”.

So between today and tomorrow I should have a good start on the week. Hope you all had a great weekend! I’m off to bed.

Morning Weigh In:148 (OUCH!!)
Food Points
Yogurt Cereal Parfait 4
Pita Pizza with fresh tomatoes, 1 oz moz cheese, turkey pepperoni and a bit of bacon bits 4
All-Bran Crackers Multi-Grain with a wedge of laughing cow cheese 3
Tropical Chicken Skewers with Sweet Brown Rice 9
split some 94%ff popcorn with the family 2
handful of thin triscuits 2
Fresh tomato and a wedge of laughing cow cheese 1
Totals 25
Daily Activity Log

Nice family stroll after dinner

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    Kat @ The Weigh We Were

    July 22, 2007

    What a great point you make about not being able to gain that much fat in such a short amount of time! Excellent. Looking forward to your tasty recipes this week.


    July 22, 2007

    Yep! It’s not fat…you have probably gained 3-4 pounds at most..the rest just needs to come out of your system if you know what I mean…just be patient and keep doing what you are doing.



    July 23, 2007

    You have such a good attitude! You know that if you eat right for a couple of days, most of that temporary weight gain will vanish. Glad you had a good vacation!


    July 23, 2007

    What a great attitude! I must remember that next time we go away and I see a gain. Sounds like you had a great vacation and have already gotten back on track. Have a wonderful week!


    July 23, 2007

    Hey Roni – sounds like you’re already back on track! Bravo! Let us know how the “experiments” turn out!


    July 23, 2007

    Great attitude (as usual)! :D I know you’ll be fine Roni- just keep doin’ that thing you do! Can’t wait to hear about more meals w/o shopping!! That’s one of my fav challenges too, but if I’m not up for it, it normally doesn’t go so great… so I’m excited to see more of YOUR ideas! :D


    July 23, 2007

    Roni, I say let the past be the past. You enjoyed yourself and yoru family! Jump right back in..You are right there is no way you gained 10 lbs of fat. You ate salt with help with the water weight…You’ll be find and back on the wagon in no time flat. Missed ya…Glad you are back!

    This week i went for sushi and I have a hot dog at a ball game. That last thing I want to do it go to my meeting tonight, but I know I must. I am praying for a loss…I am hoping at the very least there was no gain, but if there was…it does not matter b/c today I am in control!


    July 23, 2007

    Welcome back! We missed you. And yes, I am sure alot of that is water weight and it’ll be gone in no time ;)


    July 23, 2007

    Welcome back! Glad that you had a great time at the beach. Good attitute coming back. I’m sure some of it is water weight. The toddler is so big and cute! Congrats on wearing the bikini and feeling great in it! Everyone missed you. And, thanks for giving us the opportunity to be a community through this blog. It has definitely help keep me OP! Have fun at the grocery store and have a great week!

    Diet Coke and Zingers

    July 23, 2007

    WOW- what a great attitude… I’m sure you didn’t gain 10 either, but nonetheless, it’s a good reminder for me to be extra good on my own vacation.


    July 23, 2007

    You’ll snap back in no time! Glad you had some time off, welcome back! :D


    July 23, 2007

    I’m going away to Disney this weekend and I’m still losing so its going to be a challenge. I did maintance a long time ago and this time I’m going to stay op forever. For me its better that way because I know I dont want to go through this 3 times.
    I admire your attitude and it inspires me not to get to upset if I gain.


    July 26, 2007

    I just found this page and I can’t wait to read the whole thing. I glanced at the beginning weight and current weight, as well as the comment of 15 years of yo-yo dieting,and thought I should take a look…………