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Gym Shmym, Who Needs ‘Em?

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This weekend has been tough. Home alone with the two toddlers, no husband and no sitter opportunities. What is one to do?


James Brown's All-Time Greatest HitsThat’s right I did 2, count them 2, toddler approved workouts. Yesterday I fired up the old iPod with James Brown’s All-Time Greatest Hits! and the three of TOTALLY JAMMED! We were doing laps around the house, swinging our arms, shakin’ our butts, and just having some goofy fun. I taught the toddlers how to “get up of that thing” and “feel good”. It was a blast. Seriously, we danced hard for about 25 minutes.

The Wiggles WiggledancingThe second workout was even more fun and surprisingly more challenging. It was a DVD. Now I know what you’re thinking, a workout DVD, but you wrong! It was the The Wiggles Wiggledancing. Those of you with toddlers may know what I’m talking about. It’s a 78 minute recording of one of the wiggles live shows. Let me tell you, pop that thing and try to keep up with the dance moves and you have the most fun aerobic workout video ever! I mean, how can you not have fun doing the monkey, dancing like a fish and twisting? Plus the kids can’t get enough of it either. I have to confess, I didn’t last the whole video, I was wiped out after about the first 20 minutes. Man it was a BLAST!

On the eating front, I didn’t so as well. Yesterday and up to about 2 hours ago, I was totally on plan. Then my husband came home from his 4-day excursion and we hit the snacks hard! I totally blew my points for the day on pretzels, dark chocolate and leftover Chinese food. What a combination, huh? I’m over it though, tomorrow I will post my menu and daily weigh in. This reminds me I have to get to a meeting this week! I haven’t officially weighed in or been to a meeting in 3 weeks. I think this may be my longest stretch yet.

Let’s see, other updates… For those interested in my recipes, I added some nutritional info for my “They don’t know what’s in there” Pizza Sauce and I’m hoping by Wednesday to have all of my old posts and recipes back up. Well at least the ones I was able to salvage.

Until Tomorrow

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    July 8, 2007

    sounds like a fun workout! I love it when a workout feels like fun instead of drudgery :)


    July 9, 2007

    I’ve watched the Wiggles with my grandkids and they are certainly the Richard Simmons of the toddler generation!


    July 9, 2007

    LOL… I know those workouts well!! I have two toddlers myself. (ages 2 & 3) Another fun thing we do is go for a walk… I know, what is fun about that. Well, I put the girls in the stroller and I let them decide where we go…sometimes we even go off roading!! Of course I live in the country, so we can do that… but try pushing a stroller up hills, on sand and dirt, around trees… its fantastic! and we’ve only gotten REALLY lost once!! LOL

    I have got to try your pizza.. but where do you get your crust?? I cant find whole wheat pizza crust at my store (Basha’s)

    Keep up the great post.. I love it!!


    July 9, 2007

    @Tigerlilly –

    I get it at Trader Joe’s.It’s really good stuff!

    I’m working on a recipe for those who may not be near one. I’ll keep you posted.


    July 9, 2007

    I am all about the Wiggle Dancing. I have shared that idea with my WW group before. Some of them looked at me like I was some crazy lunatic…but it is true. Those videos are filled with fun, upbeat, aerobic dance moves. Plus you get to interact with your children, which is a priceless gift.

    I can’t wait to try the spaghetti sauce.