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Getting There

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The rebuilding is getting there.  If you missed it I re-released the community today.  I just couldn’t help myself. I missed it!

I’m also SLOWLY adding back in some of my content.  It is going to take me WEEKS before I even get close to what I had out there.  I can’t believe how much stuff I had! I guess when you post 1-3 times a day for 7 months you should back up regularly, huh?  LOL ;~) Can you tell I’m getting over it.  It still hurts but you have to move on, right?  It’s not that different with weigh loss or maintenance.  So I went to Vegas, had a good time and got off track but today it was business as usual.  To be honest I wasn’t even that hungry.  I tried to listen to my body and eat when I got hungry. It sure did feel good to eat my own homemade stuff and some fresh veggies!  I had my first tomato from the garden today and boy was it GOOD!

So here is how the day panned out. See you on the boards! ;~) Oh! I should confess I have NEVER been more behind on email. I promise I will reply, it just may take me MUCH longer then normal.

Morning Weigh In: 144.5
Food Points
grape juice 2
8 oz light yogurt 2
Veggie Wrap on a 1 point Tortillas with baby spinach, tomato, cucumber, peppers a wedge of laughing cow cheese and a splash of dressing. 3
Leftover Big pot o’ stuff (recipe to come-was on old site) 5
Boca Burgers on a Whole Wheat Potato Roll with baby spinach, tomato, pickle and a side of grilled zucchini and baked beans 6
watermelon 1
English Muffin Tomato Pizza 4
Totals 23
Daily Activity Log

25 minute walk pushing, pulling, carring and chasing TWO toddlers! (I’m babysitting my niece this week)


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    Diet Coke and Zingers

    July 3, 2007

    Glad you’re back on track… So how many activity points would you give yourself for that little walk?? For sure you get at least a few “super mom” points.


    July 3, 2007

    I’m glad you have the blogs back up. :) I missed posting there and didn’t have the heart to go anywhere else.


    July 3, 2007

    Help!! I am within 4 pounds of my goal, again, I am a lifetime member of wEIGHT Watchers. But tonight, I went nuts, I ate cookies, cake, bread (all carbs of course) it was all just junk and I ate until I was bloated. This is afer having my nutritious dinner and staying on my points all day! I only get 18 points, but I work my ass off, running. lifting, walking everyday. I get so discouraged and I know my body well enougn that I will be up 1 pound tomorrow and even if I follow to the letter, it will be 3 days before I see any results. I juat needed to admit my problem and get it in writing so that tomorrow I can be back on track! Thanks to all for any help.