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That’s what my husband called himself today. It cracked me up.

Today was also almost back to normal. My niece is gone but I’m still recovering. That sounds bad but you know what I mean, getting back to our routine. It has seriously been crazy around here since the summer started. Is it possible I can busier when I have my summers off?

I’m not sure if I told you but this Saturday is my yearly family trip to the beach. So I feel like I’m in vacation limbo just coming back from Vegas, watching my niece and now getting ready for the family vacation. I’m pretty lucky having my summers off and being able to take advantage of that but not having a “normal” daily routine is throwing me off. It’s almost easier to be on plan when I’m working full time. I eat breakfast, pack my lunch and snacks, come home and make dinner. Now it’s more of a grab something when I’m hungry or bored kind of thing. It is not impossible, just different.

Anyway, here’s how my day shaped up. Not the greatest but I did journal again. Tomorrow I plan on weighing in and coming up with away to use the umpteen number of tomatoes that are coming out of my garden!

Morning Weigh In: forgot to hop on the scale AGAIN
Food Points
Whole Grain Blueberry Pancakes 3
Blueberry Bran Bites 1
Pita pizza made with “They don’t know what’s in there” Pizza Sauce 1 oz cheese and veggies (used a 1 point pita) 3
Sweet Summer Veggie Stew 6
Panera you pick 2 with Vegetarian Mushroom Trio & Roasted Tomato soup (3) and Grilled Salmon (3) and a couple of bites of the toddlers grilled cheese 8
94% ff popcorn split with the toddler 3
Pita pizza made with “They don’t know what’s in there” Pizza Sauce 1 oz cheese and veggies (used a 1 point pita) 3
Totals 27
Daily Activity Log


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    Diet Coke and Zingers

    July 11, 2007

    I’m sure your hubby is missing you, but I love that your getting your site up again… it ROCKS!


    July 11, 2007

    I’m also going to have enough tomatoes coming out of my garden to feed a small country, so if you find something to do with them…let me know haha.

    I’m a very “routine” person, and I don’t like to get out of it. So I can completely understand you feeling out of sorts while your niece was there and you were out of the routine…enjoy getting back into it :)


    July 11, 2007

    I am not sure you Like
    Cold Gaspacho, but I love it…You will be able to use some of those tomatoes
    I yank this off the web

    Yield: 4 servings
    1 each green pepper, diced
    4 each tomatoe, diced
    1 each onion, diced
    3 each garlic clove, minced
    3 cup water
    1/4 cup white wine
    3 teaspoon lemon juice
    1 each scallion, diced fine
    Puree all ingredients, except scallion, in blender. Add a little more water if too spicy. Strain, discarding any vegetable pieces that did not puree fully. Chill overnight. Serve in chilled glasses or bowls with diced scallion floating on top.
    Nutritional Information per Serving
    Calories 54
    Proteins 2.64g
    Total Fat 0.6g
    Cholesterol 0mg
    Carbohydrates 9.31g
    Fiber 2g
    Sodium 115mg


    Living life to the fullest

    July 11, 2007


    Something is wrong with my sidebar. I am missing some of the things I have up. Plus I can’t get to the admin from my site…the link is gone.

    Loving Each Day!


    July 15, 2007

    My hubby feels the same. But blogging is my version of golf. And it’s much cheaper. :)

    I do enjoy your blog!