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Naturally Slim?

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I read an article entitled 8 secrets of the naturally slim in last months issue of Prevention that got me thinking. Are there naturally slim people? I mean everyone has to work at it, right? Then I realized the husband is one of “those” people. He’s gaining weight now that he’s a bit older but when I first met him the dude was S-K-I-N-N-Y! I mean super skinny. He stands at just about 6 foot and used to weigh what I weigh now! Honestly, since reaching my goal, it is the first time in our relationship I weigh less them him.

Anyway, I thought I would look at these 8 secrets and compare me and the husband.

They choose Satisfied over stuffed.
Is this really a secret? I do wonder why some people, myself included, eat until stuffed. It is one thing I have always admired about my husband. If he’s full he’s full. It doesn’t matter if there is more on his plate or if it’s his favorite meal. Amazing!
They realize hunger is not an emergency.
I thought this was interesting because sometimes I use hunger as an excuse to eat more. “Oh, I’m starving, I haven’t eaten since whenever, I better stuff my face now.”  The husband, on the other hand, needs to be reminded to eat. Again, unbelievable.
They know food doesn’t cure the blues.
DUH?!? But it tastes SOOO good. Seriously yet another stark contrast between the husband and I. I don’t think he has ever grabbed a gallon of ice cream because of stress.
They eat more fruit.
This one I can say I do now. Since losing the weight and reaching goal I eat on average 2-3 serving of fruit a day. Not a natural thing for the husband I push the fruit on him.
They are creatures of habit.
This is so true. First of all, my husband eats only about 5-6 different things. Now I’m not saying they are healthy things but he sure is a creature of habit. I am now too. Look at my breakfasts for the past few months. I only have a few things I put into rotation.
They have a self-control gene.
Ok, Still working on this but I have it. The guys at work actually bet me I couldn’t eat just one M&M. Ha! I showed them!
They are movers and shakers.
So true! I make it very clear I’m not a traditional exerciser but I keep moving. I’m always out and about on the weekends, taking the toddler here and there. We meet playgroups, go for walks, hey, tomorrow I’m taking the little guy to the zoo! When I’m home I garden, straighten up, dance around like a goof, anything to stop me from watching too much TV.
They sleep well
I am still working on this. I tend to go to bed too late and wake up early with the toddler. The husband on the other hand, can sleep 9-10 hours easily. I’ve seen him go 12 without a stir.

So there you have it. Where they really secrets? I think just good things to strive for. One additional habit I would like add is ‘they know they can’t be perfect’. I was far from perfect this weekend but got right back on plan today!

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    July 17, 2007

    I just found your site! It’s great!

    All of the above seem to be true for my husband except for the fruit thing. He doesn’t struggle with weight at all.


    July 18, 2007

    Thanks for posting this , very informative . I love your site too :0), keep it up , you motivate people more then you know .


    January 9, 2008

    I’ve always hated naturally slim people. However, if you observe their behaviors, you discover that the things that come naturally to them are the things that weight watchers strive for. I guess it’s kind of like other things that come more naturally to some people and not others–like musical ablility or public speaking. It’s not impossible for people to work that such things and become good at them, but we are not all concert pianists or politicians.