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Fast Food Friday

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I don’t normally hop on the McDonald’s bandwagon but I tried their new Southwest Salad with grilled Chicken for lunch. Oh My WORD! It was delicious! I ate every morsel on the plate. It came with a Newman’s dressing that I didn’t even open, it didn’t need it at all! There was a lime in there so I squirted that on everything. The chicken was moist and marinated in something, I don’t know what, but boy was it tasty! I didn’t order it special at all. I just made sure to get grilled chicken. It came with a bit of cheese and tortilla strips. As is, the salad is only 320 cals with 9 g of fat and 7 g of fiber that’s with chicken, cheese and Tortillas! I will definitely be getting this again!!

For dinner, I had no desire to cook whatsoever and recommended a pizza. Of course, the husband hoped right on the idea. I don’t normally go for pizza, being afraid I’lll go overboard. Tonight we got a large thin crust from Papa Johns. It’s 5 points a slice. I ate 3, Hubby had 3 and the toddler ate 2! It was perfect, no leftovers! Pizza in the fridge is a bad thing. I can hear it calling my name until it’s gone. I swear pizza is the devil! The DEVIL I say!

Ok, so I’m exaggerating a little. ;~)

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