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Down 2 lbs of what?

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Today I was down 2 pounds from yesterday. It was my first day back on plan without snacking and I ate good healthy foods. Can I really lose 2 lbs that fast? Let’s see, I’ll do the Math…

There are 3,500 calories in one pound of body fat.
Estimating a point at about 50 calories (it’s only an average I know a point doesn’t always equal 50 calories) I consumed approximately 1400 calories.

(3500 x 2) + 1400 = 8400

8,400 – that’s how many calories I needed to burn yesterday to actually lose 2 pounds of fat. Now, I did work soooo, maybe??? ;~)

In all seriousness, this is exactly why I weigh myself every day! I know I didn’t “lose” that weight but it sure does give me a boost! By hopping on that scale I can see how eating good healthy food makes my body react and, of course, the opposite. Just as I cannot lose 2 pounds in one day, I can’t gain it either. Therefore, by getting in tune with body and understating how the scale responds to what I eat it helps me not FREAK OUT when I see a jump. Now I still do a little bit but I would freak out even more if I saw a jump on my once a week weigh not seeing my daily ups and downs.

All right, enough about my weigh in philosophy and onto the day. We hit a Japanese place for dinner tonight. I have NO idea how many points. I split my meal with the toddler and stuck with scallops and chicken. We’ll see how it affect my weight tomorrow.

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