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Monthly Archives: May 2007


Boca Burgers

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All right, I know this isn’t the find of the century and they’ve been around forever but I finally tried the Original Boca Burger.  I must admit, not bad, not bad at all! I mean the texture was a bit off but the way I build a burger you would never notice.  First I start […]

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Vegetable Grill Tricks

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Orginally Posted on May 29th, 2007 2:04 pm I forgot to share this before the holiday weekend but hey, we still have all summer right?! I’m a big fan of grilling, it gives my kitchen a break in the summer. Believe me my kitchen NEEDS a break. Anyway, when I grill I want to grill […]

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Two Book Reviews and a Confession

Posted by 10 years ago 1 Comments 1070 views

Let’s start with the book reviews. They are easier to face then my confession. :~) First I want to talk about 1/2 is More written by Jay Jacobs, the master mind behind myPetFat. MyPetFat is a replica of a human fat to either motivate you to lose weight or remind what you have lost. It’s […]

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Does Size Matter?

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Originally Posted on May 26th, 2007 3:04 pm Someone asked me the other day if I did the small plate trick.  You know, eat on smaller plates to trick your brain into thinking you are actually consuming more then you are. I don’t know about you but I think it’s bogus.  This morning I weighed […]

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A Matter of Motivation

Posted by 11 years ago 14 Comments 2367 views

Motivation has been a hot topic in my inbox recently. Everyone has been asking how I stay motivated so I thought it was time to answer this seriously on the site. Getting and staying motivated is a state of mind, an attitude if you will. Being at my goal weight has, of course helped this […]

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