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Happy Anniversary to Me!

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Yesterday was my 1-year Anniversary becoming a Lifetime Member at Weight Watchers! WOW I can’t believe it! When I went to update my progress page, I noticed. I have all this data on myself so I decided to pull some statistics.

  • My average weight over the past year was 138.3, almost exactly, what I weighed today, 138.4 (I was down .6 for the week)
  • The year before that (well 7/05 – 2/06) I lost an overage of 2.1 lbs a week
  • Highest weigh since joining Weight Watchers was 206.8
  • Lowest weight, 134.6
  • My BMI went from 30.5 to 20.4 since joining Weight Watchers
  • Biggest loss for a week, 6.4 (week 1)
  • Biggest gain, 4.2 (Christmas week, OUCH)

Not too shabby! I highly recommend keeping you weigh-in data. Even if you don’t do a weight loss blog like me, it is nice to see how far you’ve come. If you aren’t at goal yet, it’s even more important to recognize what you have accomplished. You can use my excel form if you like. Just fill in your data and it should update for you automatically.

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