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What does 3-6 points look like?

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200 cals

Did you know that a 200-calorie snack could range from 3-6 points depending on the fiber and fat content? I recently stumbled upon where they have posted pictures of what 200 calories looks like. It’s fascinating to see the difference in volume. They start with “heaviest” 200 calories (1425 grams of celery) to the “lightest” (23 grams of oil) I’ve always said I liked to eat so I’m looking for foods that give me the biggest bang for the buck, if you know what I mean. The more fiber and less fat the better for shear amount and this site gives you an interesting look at that.

As for today, I did much better then yesterday. I still ate out for lunch but at least I got my workout in. I’m proud of myself. I did not really want to do it but I forced myself to get started. Then afterwards I felt great and still do

Here’s my tracker today. I’m not hungry but I may have a snack later. I have soy crisps in the cupboard that are calling my name.

Food Points
Quaker Oatmeal Weight Control with applesauce 4
cup od Maryland Crab Soup 1
veggie wrap with tomato, mushrooms, bell pepper, sprouts, cucumber, field greens, goat cheese and roasted garlic vinaigrette in a tomato wrapper with a side of steamed veggies. (from restaurant – estimate) (with a few of hubby’s fries) 6
Fit & Active yogurt 2
Carrots and sugar snap peas 1
Ground beef with whole wheat noodles and broccoli (recipe to come) :) 7
Bag of 94% ff popcorn sprinkles with parmesan cheese 4
Totals 25
Workout Tracking
Goal is 3 weight training session and 3-30 minute walks by 01/14 wt √ wt wt walk √ walk walk

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    May 18, 2011

    I have been reading through the archives, and discovered this. I LOVE the way you did this tracker. Do you still do it? Would love it if you did. Thanks in advance.


    May 18, 2011

    Love this article by the way, sadly I could not view the whole thing as it is no longer there.

    I found your new tracker and really like this old outline better, was it too difficult to do?

    Would love more posts on how to get more bang for your buck so to speak as I feel the same way.