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Just Feeling Lazy

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I ate out way too much today. I just got lazy after about 4pm and didn’t want to do ANYTHING. We decided to take the little guy out for dinner and this was after a lunch out with co-workers. What sucks about eating out is you always consume more points then if you prepared the meal yourself. For example, today I made good selections, a veggie quesadilla and eggplant Parmesan. Both of which I can make for super low points but I can only estimate them at the restaurant for at least double. Most restaurants cook everything in fat, they add way more cheese then you need and the portions are at least double. But did that stop me from eating everything on my plate? Nooooo In both situations, lunch and dinner, I become full before I stopped eating. Why do we do that to ourselves? Because all that fat and cheese makes everything taste so darn good! What sucks is meals at home, healthier lower point meals can taste just as good.

As for the point estimates, they are just that, estimates. I really have no idea and I did the “crazy Roni math” in my head to figure them out. I’ve been wrong in the past and to be honest I think I’m off this time around too. I ate the eggplant parmesan around 6pm and as of now (9:30) I still fill overstuffed, not a good sign.

On top of eating out for lunch and dinner, I didn’t workout. Like I said, I just got lazy after 4pm. I really just don’t feel like doing anything except relaxing so that’s what I’m going to do. Sorry, I know I’m not that motivating today. :(

Food Points
Trader Joe’s High Fiber Frosted Multigrain Clusters mixed with a DANNON® Light ‘n Fit® yogurt 2
carrots (a ton!) 1
Fit & Active yogurt 2
Quesadilla filled with grilled veggies, Spanish black beans, sauteed Bermuda onions and melted cheddar and jack cheese in a fresh tomato tortilla. Served with salsa. 8
1 mozzarella stick and a large serving of eggplant parmesan (went WAY overboard) 15
Totals 28
Workout Tracking
Goal is 3 weight training session and 3-30 minute walks by 01/14 wt wt wt walk √ walk walk

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